Prepared by Chris McMahon

Project Overview

Project Objective

The project objective is to design and develop a website for Lumiere: The Simone Isabella Scott Foundation.

The website will consist of the following sections and functionality:

  • Home
    • Introduction to the foundation with link to What We Do page(s)
    • Brief section about Simone with link to Her Story page(s)
    • Donate section (integrate with 3rd party donation platform)
  • Her Story
  • Share Your Story
    • Allow Visitors to submit stories about how they are remembering Simone and sharing/spreading her message
      • Submissions will be held for moderation before being added to the site
  • Support
  • What We Do
    • Scholarships
    • Additional sections
  • Contact
  • Giving In Action
  • Events (calendar of upcoming events
  • Newsletter Sign-up form
  • Links to social media
  • Blog/News section with ability to cross post to various social media platforms

An online store is not included in this proposal, will be considered a phase 2 feature.

The more I get acclimated to the new design, the better I like it. It feels clean and airy, like it is breathing.

Paul Bernish
The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

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Payment terms are 30 Days Net except for initial deposit and/or hardware items. A 2% finance charge or $25, whichever is greater, will be applied to invoices past due every 30 days. Once work has begun no refunds will be offered for completed work.

CRM Holdings Limited will provide a 90 day Break/Fix Guarantee (extended to lifetime for clients who are using one of the Maintenance & Hosting packages listed above) for the custom software provided. If during the first 90 days of implementation any software issues should arise that are the responsibilities of CRM Holdings Limited and reported within the guarantee time frame, CRM Holdings Limited will repair the problem free of charge. Issues beyond 90 days will be charged at CRM Holdings Limited’s normal hourly rate. This excludes issues with 3rd party plugins (but that rarely happens and are usually easy to fix).