Quatman Cafe

Restaurant websites are notoriously bad, they tend to have useless Flash intros, take forever to download, and have huge PDF menus that are a pain to view on your mobile device.

I wanted to avoid those issues and make a fast, simple site that presented the information visitors wanted up front: locations, hours, specials, and a menu that’s easy to read on any device.

And if you’ve ever been to the original location in Norwood, the gingam background should make you feel right at home.

Project RoleCSS/html/JavaScript, Design (lead) Visit the Site

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I work with other freelancers and agencies a lot to help them round out their capabilities or fill in when their own resources are fully utilized. This project was just such a case, the design was completed and approved and it was my job to turn it into a functioning WordPress site with a focus on easy maintenance.

WordPress is pretty easy to use to begin with but the design did present a challenge: easily update the large image at the top without having to spend too much time in PhotoShop resizing and adding design elements. To accomplish this I set WordPress’s featured image functionality to display as a background image aligned to the top and right and place the design elements over it using a transparent PNG file.

Project RoleCSS/html/JavaScript, WordPress Development

Project Partner: GUI Visions & Mahan Advertising Visit the Site

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I was brought in just a few days before the project deadline to finish up the development but after taking a look at the progress it was decided that it would be better start from scratch. A few long days and a case of Diet Coke and we made the launch date.

Project Role: CSS/html/JavaScript, Design (junior), WordPress Development Visit the Site

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Mackey Advisors

Mackey Advisors came to me with a pretty solid design for the home page that was done in-house. I made a few minor adjustments to the layout, designed the interior page and built the site using WordPress.  

“Chris helped us relaunch our website in 2011. He was so easy to work with, made great suggestions, and has been a HUGE asset since completing the project. He is a great resource when it comes to the tricky pieces of web design. He is a great trainer, and takes the time to break things down for a non-tech person. I have really enjoyed working with him.”

Grace Mohr, Operations & Communications Director, Mackey Advisors

Project RoleCSS/html/JavaScript, Design (junior), WordPress Development Visit the Site

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501 Salon & Spa

A website for an Aveda Spa in Northern Kentucky. I worked with Prolocity to integrate their  online appointment tool and ecommerce solution into a WordPress powered site.

“We have had many compliments on the new website. People are loving the new look and the ability to book online.”

-Jody Kugele, 501 Salon & Spa

Project RoleCSS/html/JavaScript, Design (lead), WordPress Development

Project Partner: Prolocity Visit the Site

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Invisible: Slavery Today Interactive Kiosks

I designed several touch-screen kiosks for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center’s exhibit, Invisible: Slavery Today.

Nine of the kiosk were 19″ monitors with videos guests could use to learn more about that particular section of the exhibit.

There was also a 42″ wide-screen kiosk for exploring facts and solutions about modern slavery.

The final set of kiosks installed in the last section of the exhibit allowed guests to type a response to the question “What can you do to stop modern slavery?”

This application used a modified version of The WordPress comment system so Freedom Center employees could review and approve entries before being displayed on two large screens installed in portrait mode on the wall leaving the exhibit.

After touring the exhibit, the Dalai Lama said the installation was “impressive and very inspirational”.

So I got that going for me, which is nice.

Project Role: CSS/html/JavaScript, Design (lead), Project Management

Project Partners: Electronic Art & Touch Worldwide

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